The Fountain Of Youth May Be In Your Genes

Aging is one of those natural things that we’ve chosen to take issue with — we cover up gray hairs and try to get rid of wrinkles through creams and surgeries. […]

Fed Should Continue With Rate Hike: Official

The U.S. central bank shouldn’t change its economic agenda as a result of the market meltdown in China, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said Friday. America’s economy and financial markets […]



Brazil’s Economy Enters Recession

Brazil’s economy shrank by 1.9 percent in the year’s second quarter, official figures show, sending the world’s seventh-largest economy into recession, the BBC reported. Many experts expected the slide: Brazil’s growth […]


What in the World? Making people make babies

Countries around the world are trying to promote procreating to help stagnant, aging populations. Fareed takes a look at some of the innovative measures. As big government squeezes the middle class […]