Turkey Charges 2 Journalists With Espionage

Two renowned journalists in Turkey have been arrested on charges of espionage for their reports accusing the state intelligence agency of smuggling weapons to rebels in Syria. The journalists were also […]


How Big Labor Pressures Lawmakers

Labor unions used front groups to get favorable legislation passed in San Francisco according to a new report released Monday. Employment Policies Institute (EPI) released the report titled “By Big Labor […]

The View From Counterterror’s Front Lines

PARIS — Ten days after the Paris terror attacks, Europe remains on edge. Police in Belgium, anticipating a similar assault, are on highest alert as they press the hunt for the […]



Rand Paul says money keeps ISIS alive

“As a doctor, I know that attacking symptoms isn’t the same thing as finding a cure. I’m also mindful of what the Cold War official and nuclear strategist Paul Nitze said: […]