How Big Labor Pressures Lawmakers

Labor unions used front groups to get favorable legislation passed in San Francisco according to a new report released Monday. Employment Policies Institute (EPI) released the report titled “By Big Labor […]

The View From Counterterror’s Front Lines

PARIS — Ten days after the Paris terror attacks, Europe remains on edge. Police in Belgium, anticipating a similar assault, are on highest alert as they press the hunt for the […]



Rand Paul says money keeps ISIS alive

“As a doctor, I know that attacking symptoms isn’t the same thing as finding a cure. I’m also mindful of what the Cold War official and nuclear strategist Paul Nitze said: […]

Science Helps Stevia Lose its Bitter Bite

By now, it’s well known that sugar is a health villain. But it’s not easy to pull a sweet tooth, which is why food and beverage manufacturers have been looking for […]